How to Nurture a Healthy Identity in Your Kids and Teens

Developing an identity is one of the most important things any person will do in life. Our identity or self-concept answers the question of ‘Who am I?”. It determines how we see ourselves, how we behave, and how we feel about ourselves. If we see ourselves in a negative light or feel badly about the person we are, it affects our ability to have a good relationship with others and our levels of success across various domains.

Developing an identity happens gradually throughout the childhood years. In early childhood, kids describe themselves in concrete ways (e.g., I have brown hair, I am Jimmy’s friend) and in adolescence their description becomes more abstract (e.g., using personality traits, morality, and ideals to describe who they are).

The role of parents is to excite teens into thinking about themselves in a more mature (and of course positive) way while providing a loving and supportive environment. Encouraging and compassionate surroundings allow teens to feel safe and proud of their attempts at an adult-like life. This support has a positive influence on their identity.

Here are some ideas on how to guide your child to develop a healthy identity:

1. Self-awareness: Guide your teen to think about who they are, what they are good at, what they like or don’t like, preferences, skills, and talents. Talking about bodily changes, what to emotions to expect, and the normalcy of it all is also important. Share stories from your childhood with your teen to demonstrate s/he isn’t the only one experiencing this ‘awkward’ stage.

2. Self-acceptance: With all the changes occurring in your teen’s life, mental and physical health depends on how much your teen is able to accept him or herself (e.g., new physical appearance and new way of thinking). Teaching self-acceptance is best done through modeling. Teens tend to criticize themselves similar to the way the same-gender parent does, likewise, they tend to praise themselves similar to the same-gender parent.

3. Family values: Every family has values. It becomes a problem however, if they are never discussed. The earlier a family discusses values (and adheres to them!!) the better. Sometimes there is a mistaken impression that teens will figure it out on their own. After all, it’s part of building independence and too much guidance might spoil them. Teens are still very much children and vulnerable children at that. It is at this age that they need parents to guide them on what is important in life. Clearly laid out values (not in lecture format though) outlines what type of behaviour is acceptable.

4. Goals: Goals help strengthen identity by adding a feeling of purpose in life. Completed goals give teens direction and a feeling of accomplishment. All 3 of these components are necessary for good self-esteem. Goals don’t have to be big to count; even simple objectives such as keeping room clean from week to week arouse feelings of pride. Encourage your teen to have goals, point out goals that have not been recognized as ‘goals,’ and remember to celebrate all successes. If there are any outstanding goals, teach your teen to view them as lessons learned before they write them off as a failures.

5. Future occupation: In addition to the other challenges teens face, thinking about future career choices adds stress and anxiety. 100 years ago, children’s future would be decided early. Sons would inherit the father’s farm or business and daughters would marry and raise kids. Today’s career choices are much more extensive and many times children are left on their own to figure it out…assuming that as they reach a certain age they will just know! Guidance, inspiration, and experimentation are important throughout the teen years as they help identify and pinpoint skills, strengths, and likes. Research, discuss, and experiment with (hands-on experience) a wide range of occupations.

Cell Phones For Kids and Teens

Cell phones have made an important mark on the world technology scene as seen in the advancements in mobile technology. The cell phone has become more than a basic communication device but rather a platform for many other technology applications. Now you can browse the internet, find your location; send messages and many other things on your cell phone today. Well, what should we look at when we begin to think of cell phones for kids and teens? As a parent, you will find it handy to give your child a phone as this can help you to keep track of his or her whereabouts and at the same time let them inform you when they are in trouble. With a cell, your worries can ease as your child will be available to you to communicate with in seconds.

Mobile phones have sometimes been seen as dangerous technological items for kids and teens, as the phones can bring on or exacerbate some problems. The mobile phone now enables children to download, pictures, videos and games online, thus potentially posing a threat to their educational environment. The internet access available on cell phones is also subject to abuse and may lead to the viewing of pornographic material, engaging in cyber bullying and other anti-social behavior. As a parent, it’s up to you to make sure that your child knows the advantages and risks, as well as limitations, proper usage and other rules that you set as guidelines.

When it comes to the developing minds of the teens and kids, you need to be worried about technology affecting their mental and emotional development. To enhance safety in cell phones for kids, some manufacturers have designed simple mobile phones ideal for keeping in touch with your children. These phones are basic entry level mobile phones with limited features and buttons, thus the children will only be able to use the phone for reasons that you specify. The phones come with an integrated parental control feature whereby; you are able to limit the calls to be made per day and who is to be called. The phone can be set to only receive calls as well. These kinds are certainly handy for kids and parents alike and will mostly be used for safety purposes.

As a parent, you are willing to pay more for some peace of mind when it comes to the safety of your children. One thing that you want to know is whether your child is safe or not. You will want to be in a position whereby you can call your child and ask him or her where she is. The SOS or 911 button on some cell phones also gives the children a way to contact you in cases where they may be in trouble. With phones for kids and teens, you will be rest assured that your child does not get over their heads in the technology trend and develop bad phone habits.

5 Benefits For Young Children And Teens Participating In Dance Exam Sessions Within Dance Schools

Dancing is something rather nostalgic to those of us who are now fully grown. Often adults will say, “gee I wish my mother had pushed me to stay in dance classes such as ballet and tap when I was little and not listened to me when I said I wanted to stop!” We tend to look back at these early years and recall and realise that we were in a good lifestyle routine.

1) Dance exams help to instill dedication and commitment in children and teenagers.

The young dance students must have a good work ethic to keep up with the work which is being taught to them within the dance school by their teacher. The young dancers must also think for themselves and many dance teachers will ask them to practice their exercises at home in the hope that the dance student will grasp and show great signs of improvement week on week. It is after all a two-way street!

2) A sense of responsibility.

The words ‘exam’ or ‘show’ can be quite daunting, especially to our youngest of dance students. It is the responsibility of the dance teacher to make this event seem like it will be a fun presentation of their dance, for a very important visitor who will give them good marks, so that they will be able to learn new dance steps.

A sense of responsibility is also evoked within the young dance students, to be in control of something for themselves, something that they understand they can do and are very capable of, that the outcome is dependent on them.

3) Exams are a way of measuring personal development and personal progression.

Everything in life has a standard, a bar, a grading system. The majority of us excel in life when goals and challenges are put in front of us. Through dancing from an early age and participating in exam sessions we are able to learn this life process and find our coping skills. More importantly we develop ways of coping with many other challenges, that also come our way. As the dance lessons get increasingly more difficult in ability level, we as dancers are therefore improving and the dance certificate assures us of that.

4) Discipline, respect and gratitude is encouraged naturally.

It is true that there are certain manners and ways of approach that are required to dance lessons. The only thing practiced in a dance studio is dancing. That may sound like stating the obvious, however there is an understanding from all that to succeed there is a level of self-discipline required, to put yourself week in and week out through the paces to get the results that you wish. The level of respect between yourself and your teacher is a positive force that counts for many situations in the world today. The dance students learn to appreciate the hard work and the belief that another does and has for them.

5) Achieving something and feeling successful.

It is a great moment to receive dance examination results, to see the smile on the young dancers faces appear when they hear the news that they and their friends have all successfully passed. The joy often bounces right out of the dance studio and into the arms of their parents or guardians. Many families today take the opportunity to enjoy a special treat or a nice day out to celebrate the achievement. This is so impacting on children’s confidence, knowing that it is all because of something they did! When you think about it, all they did was something they already love to do, it’s that simple and the benefits certainly do set up great foundations for the future.

3 Tips on How Teens Can Cope With Challenges in Their Journey

Sitting together in circle within a dimly lit room I facilitated a mindfulness group for teens. A light scent of lavender lingers in the air providing aromatherapy to promote relaxation. There is a quiet calmness in the room as many teens in this group have shared they have never practiced mindfulness before. The group they are sitting in isn’t the typical group therapy as its purpose calls upon them to practice deep breathing while acknowledging any thoughts they have and letting them go in order to remain being centered and in the moment.

Being centered and calm in the middle of a stressful is a challenge that a lot of adolescents experience on a day to day basis. Many teens look for ways to cope with heavy feelings that come up for them in life. Unfortunately many teens find themselves using unhealthy habits that their peers use such as smoking, drinking, and in some instances self-harming by cutting or burning themselves to numb that overwhelming feeling that sits in the pit of their stomach. What I’ve heard often from teens is that they are unhappy with judging themselves, tired of being judged by others, and being told what to do by adults at school and their parents. What I hear from parents is that they just want their child to be healthy and do well in school so that they can be successful and happy, but that they can’t seem to reach them.

Practicing mindfulness is a useful coping skill for teens that can empower them to create a period calmness. Research on meditation is showing that it can be an effective is an effective way for young people to increase their focus, reduce stress, and alleviate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Mindfulness experts promote meditation as a way to help us people to be in touch with their own emotions through awareness, acceptance, and reflection of their experience. Many of the teens report of the group share that while thoughts kept popping into their heads, they were able to bring their attention back to their breathing and begin to feel calm, relaxed, or “chill-axed”. We then opened the group to them sharing their experience with trying to maintain a natural balance with all things that really matter to them. My approach in working with teens in therapy is acknowledging that life can feel pretty crappy at times, and it’s okay for them to feel upset by it. Acceptance of what they’re experiencing without judging it or rejecting it is the first step in coping with changes in life that can be unexpected or stressful. The focus then turns to learning how to use their own natural abilities to work through difficult times and staying in the moment rather than trying to escape it by drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, or cutting themselves to relieve their pain. What many teens, and even young adults, find surprising is how practicing mindfulness, self-reflection, and practicing healthy lifestyle habits such as eating healthy and being active can make a big difference not only in how they manage hard times, but also in their overall outlook in life. Some things I encourage teens to do includes:

1. Take Time.

Setting aside time in the day where you can sit, reflect, and practice deep breathing. It’s okay to have thoughts running through your mind. The point of meditation is to acknowledge those thoughts and let them pass by and bring your focus back to the natural act of breathing. Practicing deep breathing can help slow us down when our mind begins to run away with racing thoughts that feel overwhelming.

2. Get Moving!

Being outside and active has an overall positive effect not only in our physical health, but the act of moving can also help us not sit and dwell on things that bother us.

3. Finding someone who can listen.

Everyone needs to be heard, and especially teens who value being able to open up to someone without being given advice or being told what the “should” do. When teens can’t share what they are feeling they hold onto it.

Adolescence is a time in life lives that is always remembered not only by what is experienced for the first time, but also in the emotional journey of finding their way in handling things, and having the support from people around them as they come into their own. Some of the greatest stories in literature are filled with young heroes on an adventure in which they learn about themselves, and while along their journey they find comfort in companions or mentor figures, what they often find is that what they needed to complete their quest or mission was something they had within all along. Mindfulness skills and inner reflection in therapy for teens is about nurturing that journey of inner discovery.

Problems Facing Teens Today

Teen problems are growing. If you think that being a teen today is the same as it was when you were in their shoes, you are probably mistaken. Now, listen to yourself say how strict and how hard life was when you where young. But, you need to realize that teens today face huge, life threatening decisions just about ever day. What they face has a lot to do with where they grow up. Yet do not be fooled into thinking that your child is safe.

In the normal course of your teen’s day, he or she may face any of these things; one or more of them.

Drugs. Think that drugs are simple like they used to be? They are not. Kids today are not just smoking the easy stuff. They are into crack or other strong and deadly drugs.

Sex. Not only are they exposed to it on the television, but they are encouraged by others. They may be engaging in sexual acts that you have never heard of. They may be doing it unprotected as well. At school, after school, on the car ride home – there are many opportunities you do not realize. Teens get pregnant and have babies.

Violence. Today’s teen problems often revolve around violence. They see friends with guns at school or after school. They witness huge fights. They hear threats. They see anger and deal with it daily.

Depression. With all that they see and do, teens face depression today at an alarming rate as compared to just a decade ago. Depression is not something that just goes away, but can cause them harm and threaten their lives.

Driving. Teens drive drunk. Teens drive under the influence of drugs. Teens get in cars that others are driving under the influence. Teens may also be responsible drivers, but share the road with those that are not.

Teen problems that are at a lower level can be just as deadly. They face lying, cheating, emotional trauma, learning disabilities and divorce. All of these things a child will face daily in some cases. In those cases, it is no wonder that they have low self esteems, high drop out rates and some of the students will break under the pressure. Teen problems should be addressed and noticed by their parents first.

Disney Casting Calls Give Kids And Teens Legit Shot At Stardom

When Disney vice president of casting and talent relations Judy Taylor was recently asked about where she finds talent for Disney Channel and Disney XD shows she stated, “we try here at Disney Channel, for many reasons, to look everywhere and have open calls all over the place to reach kids who may not have the chance to audition if they were only taking place in L.A. or New York.” The last several years Disney has held open casting calls in the cities of Richmond, Kansas City, Phoenix, Austin, San Antonio, and Wilmington. Thousands of hopefuls attended these calls with dreams of becoming the next Disney Channel star.

No matter what the expectations are of a child, teen, or parent who attends one of these open casting calls, the harsh reality is that the odds of being discovered are extremely small. But when someone is discovered, it can be a life-changing event that catapults a young person into worldwide fame. This is exactly what happened one year when Disney Channel held open casting calls in Texas and Florida. An amazing 11-year-old little girl showed up and impressed Judy Taylor and other Disney casting directors greatly. This child ended up becoming the second most popular Disney Channel star history, earning countless awards including six Kids’ Choice Awards, fifteen Teen Choice Awards, two Young Artist Awards, a People’s Choice Award, and an ALMA Award. So talent is very much discovered at these open calls, and they are no publicity stunt or gimmick, as many skeptical people falsely claim.

It is a fact that the vast majority of acting roles for Disney Channel and Disney XD are cast in Los Angeles. Judy Taylor hires freelance casting directors to do the day-to-day casting for individual series and movies. These casting directors use talent agents to bring in actors to come in and read for the specific roles. Sometimes the casting directors will call in someone who is not signed with a talent agent, however these are usually for smaller roles called Under 5’s – meaning having less than 5 lines of dialog. Extras in the United States are not represented by agents and are hired directly through extras casting companies.

Another exciting trend in the entertainment industry is online submissions for acting roles. With the advent of digital casting, talent can now submit headshots and resumes through email, or online talent databases. There are only a few legitimate online databases, so knowledge about these websites is crucial. During the summer of 2013, the casting directors for a new hugely anticipated Disney Channel show sent out a casting notice for series regulars. They specified that kids and teens outside of Los Angeles from all areas could submit an audition video. So it is official that Disney is now on board the digital online open casting call wagon. So the opportunities are real, and they are out there. Whether it be an in-person open casting call, or an online talent search – kids and teens now have more opportunities than ever to chase their dreams of working as an actor on Disney Channel and Disney XD.

Moving…Living on Vacation thanks to our teenagers!

A friend asked me after it was all said and done how did you know it would all work out? And I said “I didn’t”. I didn’t know all the pieces. I could only do what was mine to do at the time! We did what people dream of doing. It was not predictable. It was intentional and created.

On the ferry back from visiting a school both my teenagers said “that’s where we want to go to school!” I took a deep breath as my heart stopped! “How was all this going to happen?” In my mind we didn’t have the money to move, let alone pay for this education for 2 children! I changed my thoughts and let God… I made a deal with God. I would trust and only take the next step in front of me to take! My next step was to have the kids apply! Ok that I could do.

I started getting my house ready to sell. Had garage sales, donated items and boxed items. This was all doable in my days. It was like spring cleaning as my mind prepared to move. But it was still one step at a time. My heart stopped again when the kids got in to the school! Wow! This is really happening!
To complicate things, or in Gods perfect plan, I had been called to spend a month in Mexico and my daughter was going to the east coast to live with family for the summer. So my time frame short! Get the house ready before we left for Mexico. And my husband agreed to put the house on the market half way thru so it would be sold before we got home! And the inspection was complete by the time we landed! So we could make a mess as we packed up the next stages of the house.

The day after arriving home I drove up to look at houses on the island. We had 21 days to move! About 3 days to buy a house do the inspection and qualify for a mortgage! After looking at a home that had a renter in it we decided we could only look at empty homes. So our list changed. There was 1 house as I recall. Running thru this house,
(we had discarded before because it had horrible photos) before we jumped on the ferry home, I said “this house will do”.
My husband came out the next day because the sellers counter offered. And before we heard back again after accepting their counter off I was on the ferry to do an inspection of the house. We got word on the ferry 30 minutes before we did our inspection they had accepted.

It was a beautiful house. As I stood on the deck over looking the rock it was built on I said, “God you gave us a house in a rock! How biblical! Thank you!”

The next 15 days was filled with packing! Renting a truck and logistics. Funny in January, 7 months before, I had booked a trip to Canada on the day before our house in the city closed! I didn’t know how that would come into play but was called to keep the reservations. It became clear we were to pack up, drive away and store the truck for a week while we wait for our house to close on the islands. After a stressful morning of finishing all the last pieces and doing a walk thru we piled into our car and drove out of the country for a vacation! I couldn’t have planned it better!

The stress of the day, disappeared into inspiration, joy and abundance as we dropped our backpacks and fell into the couches in a 28 story condo with floor to ceiling windows over looking this amazing city!! We took a photo & shared it with my sister! So apropos she said “only the Rices go on an international vacation the day they move!”

City living and the kids childhood home of 15 years was behind us. Yes it was heavy, yes it was a stressful morning of weird emotions. We were present to them and still went on living. Canada, was so uplifting! I can’t even explain how it helped us all shift and helped us bond. Not to mention forgive each other from the stressful emotions and words said on moving day.

There was one snafu that evening. I got an email from our realtor that said it turns out the sellers are leaving the country tomorrow and won’t sign the papers for 2 weeks! Yikes! Fear set in, our truck, our life, being homeless, our dogs… we can’t hang out in Canada for two weeks! Only a week was planned and the kids started school in 2 weeks! I had to start shifting my thinking and know my truth. “It will work out perfectly. This is the right thing. I can expect all right things to work out.”. It’s a lot of work to change the reality that is infront of us. So I decided that only I would do this work so I didn’t share this new reality with my family. I did call the sellers agent and shared that we were in limbo and trusted the sellers with my family and we needed to close next week. He was, as I say, of old school thinking. He said it wasn’t possible, made me wrong and went in circles. We clearly weren’t seeing the same solution. So I politely ended the conversation… and started expecting God to heal this situation. God planned this whole move. This one thing couldn’t stop Him from making it all right. I went to sleep with peace in my heart, but tired from the mental work to change my thoughts and be at peace.God was going to show us the way.

I woke to a humbling email our Realator sent taking all the blame. It wasn’t his fault but he shouldered it with such grace. And right after that an email at 6 am was the sellers agent saying they postponed their trip and they would sign the papers on Monday! God is so amazing! Expect miracles. We ended up closing a day early!

Our house flows, its beautiful and it’s a gift on a rock! The house sold for more then we asked, the new schools tuition was paid & my kids are thriving! We love our life on the Rock! I’m so grateful for learning to only take the next step that’s mine to take! Visualizing your future is your first step…

Don’t change your beliefs, Change your Actions.

Don’t change your beliefs, Change your Actions.

After coming across a picture online that said ‘You are what you believe’, I started digging a little, to find out how true this was and to maximise this to achieve personal success as quick as I can.

Before I started doing my research, there was one thing that bothered me about that picture with the quote. Becoming a believe can only happen through actions and not thoughts. Thoughts are a potential action but it is the action that ultimately causes a change in behaviour. For example, cognitive psychologists approach this matter in regards with the ‘thought process’ meaning that they solely focus on your thought patterns to change your behaviour to a more desirable one. I.e. ‘I love myself’ this thought would lead to self-loving acts, for example eating healthier, appreciating thyself and becoming less judgemental. This approach has been hugely effective; however, it takes for granted that the easiest part of the process of changing a behaviour is the ‘taking action part’, e.g. eating a healthier diet after creating the new thought pattern of ‘I love myself’.

From my personal experience and guidance of my mentors I have found that actions change beliefs quicker! Think of an action as a shock to your brain, especially if it’s one that you normally don’t take part in, for example saying starting a conversation with a stranger in the street. By taking this action the believe of ‘I am a sociable person’ doesn’t even need to be worked on or developed it is already there as your brain (specially your ego and super ego) conclude that I approached a stranger and said ‘hi’ even though I was nervous and then had a cool interaction, “my social skills are amazing”. See how easy it is to change your actions rather than your beliefs. Think about it like this, you will change your believes by using your actions as a medium.

Deepak Chopra once said ‘ask yourself what do you want? Act on it and let the universe take care of the details’ I believe we can all do this through taking action. As we take action on a continuous basis in our lives we would start to realise that all the questions that we have like ‘Am I good enough? Am I good looking? Am I going to be successful? Start to answer themselves through the actions you take, letting your inner chatter in your head become ever more silent, allowing you to feel more rested and at peace. Let me say it again… Don’t try and change your believes, change your actions instead. It is a lot easier and you would be killing two birds with one stone, think about it you will become a woman or a man or their word acting on what you say, you will do things that will make you step outside of your comfort zone, in other words expanding yourself, you will become courageous, brave, and more importantly a winner. Most people don’t win not because they don’t think they are winners but because they never acted upon that believe.

Now read this part carefully, once you start taking action, don’t you dare and judge yourself based on the outcome. From the instant, you decide to take action and act you have already won. You have done everything in your power to become successful, remember control all you can control and do all you can do, the rest we cannot worry about. However, I am sure there is not one person on this earth that has done everything that they think they can do, which in my opinion shows the true beauty of constant growth and never ending learning.

Internship Experiences Vs Entrepreneurship Experiences

Explore The New Digital Business Opportunities Which You’ve Never Seen Them Before!

We are now at a time of rapid growth and exciting new global initiatives, seeing the growth and opportunities with the expansion of the global digital economy. I am looking forward to seeing more people like me to benefit in this digital business environment, explore the new opportunities which we’ve never seen before!

Question: “Is my internship experience preparing me for the digital workforce?”

More companies are under market pressure to speed up the process of integrating business to digital operation model, as a result, physical operation roles are expected to disappear gradually.

To meet the new digital operation model, companies are retraining existing employees and hiring digital talents as digital workforce strategy.  Workforce structure is changing, more and more jobs will be outsourced to external parties through on-demand workforce platforms.

How students can meet the digital skill gap from traditional internship experience?

The pace of digital evolution is faster than we saw in the old economic evolution age.  It is difficult to predict how much and for how long the physical operations will be moved to digital platforms.  If you are looking for internship experience and skill development, make sure your experiences cover digital business knowledge and digital skill. Ask yourself: “Is my internship experience preparing me for the digital workforce?”  The pace of digital transformation is faster than we’ve seen before, and we cannot predict how many operational roles will be replaced by digital or outsourced in the next two years, but we know it is happening fast.

Where to find relevant experience for the future of digital workforce?

As a mentor, I constantly look for resources and opportunities for my students’ career development and personal growth. I keep asking myself the following questions:

  • What is the future trend of workforce?
  • “What is the best way of learning digital business and digital skill?”
  • Other than finding an internship opportunity in the digital business sector, would there be another way?

I keep searching for answers, have found different online resources and options, until 2016, I discovered “The Six Figure Mentors” (SFM).  From my personal view and experiences, SFM provides affordable digital training resources and system supports, teach you how to use digital systems to build an online business from scratch.  The training is very practical and insightful for myself.  SFM already helped thousands of people to transform career and life into digital model.  The knowledge and skill will prepare everyone for the future of digital workforce. My students are also benefit from it.  You can apply the knwledge and skill into other job opportunities, or continue to operate your digital entreprensureship with SFM systems.

Are you ready for Digital Transformation?

If you would like to know more about SFM and my experience.  How SFM digital platform can help you to learn digital business, develop your digital skill, and create a work lifestyle with incredible time freedom and travel possibility?  Please click the below button, sign up for our 7 day free video series, our mentors Jay and Stuart, the co-founders of “The Six Figure Mentors” (SFM) will explain more in the videos.

Since joining SFM in 2016, I have had many opportunities to develop my skill sets and knowledge in digital entrepreneurship. SFM has enabled me to greatly boost my career in this digital business environment. At SFM, there are no limitations for growth and I have always been encouraged to stretch myself, improve my knowledge and develop new skills. No day is ever the same and, for me, it is the people diversity, the entrepreneurial mindsets and visions, as well as the learning and development experience which make me feel very enjoyable to be with my mentors and our community.

SFM presents an opportunity to grow on both a personal and professional level. This is an international, multicultural environment where we are able to innovate and find different ways to perform our roles and activities in order to achieve sustainable growth in the digital evolution economy. The experience of collaborating within the community members has been exciting, not only because of digital business opportunities which we are involved in, but also due to the learning and development process where the support and trust are important for building stronger relations with other members and with the clients we represent around the world.

I always encourage students to pursue a CPA qualification as part of career milestones, experience as much as they can, until then they can develop their strength and discover their unlimited potentials for achieving something bigger.

Affiliate Disclosure: Affiliate of “The Six Figure Mentors” (SFM)

As part of the business system, SFM offers an affiliate commission scheme to their members. If you follow the affiliate link on this blog post and sign up SFM membership, I will receive affiliate commission as part of SFM system structure.  Once you sign up SFM membership under my affiliate link, I will be assigned to you for ongoing support and guidance.

Money is a by-product of our value creation, we hope to provide you with the information that will help you to achieve career passion and work-life balance.